System Specs | The Gaming Project | India's First Cloud Gaming Service

System Specifications

The Gaming Project is a cloud gaming service which requires different specifications depending on the device you are using to access the service. Please find below the hardware & software specifications per device.

Specs per Device


1. Windows 10, ver 1809 (64bit) & above.
2. Direct X 11 & above
3. CPU:Intel 6th Gen & above (H265 only)
4. VC Runtime 2015 & above
5. Atleast 4 GB RAM, 6 GB or more recommended
6. Broadband WiFi Connection. LAN highly recommended.
7. Make sure to turn on Developer Mode in windows settings.


1. Android 6 & above.
2. Atleast 2 GB of RAM. 4GB recommended
3. Broadband WiFi Connection recommended.


1. Chrome or Microsoft Edge recommended.
2. Atleast 4GB system RAM. 6 GB or more recommended.
3. Broadband WiFi Connection. LAN highly recommended.

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